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International Institute of Horticulture Management (IIHoM) is an initiative of the Ecumenical Christian Centre (ECC) and is located in its campus in Whitefield, Bangalore.  IIHoM is a manifestation of ECC’s commitment to ecology and the preservation of planet Earth. It also aims at educating young men and women in scientific management of horticulture crops and thereby increase production manifold. Through this department, ECC initiate to organize:

  • Technology Related Growing Fruits and Vegetables

  • Kitchen Gardening

  • Elements of Floriculture and Cut Flowers

  • Gardening-Indoor and Outdoor, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

  • Spice Crops

  • Plantation Crops

  • Commercial Crops

  • Application of Biotechnology in Horticulture

  • Irrigation and Fertilization Technology

  • Protected Cultivation of Vegetables and Flowers (Greenhouse)

  • Dry Land Crops and Management

  • Aquaponic Farming

  • Sericulture and

  • Management of Successful Farms

The Campus


The ECC campus in Whitefield is a 30 acre green and eco-friendly campus with training and residential facilities with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Mango, Coconut, Chikoo (sapota), Grapes, Cashewnut, Woodapple, Aloe Vera and other medicinal and aromatic plants are some identifiable ones. The pride of the campus is the flowering trees- which are flowering in different season all through out the year.