ECC Neighbourhood Programmes

ECC Neighbourhood Programmes is a platform for the residence in the neighbourhood of the ECC to come together periodically for mutual fellowship and interaction. Under this program, ECC Book Club, and ECC Movie Club have been started recently.

ECC Book Club

The ECC Book Club was started with the aim to bring neighbours together to share their expertise on diverse topics and discuss contemporary issues. The club members meet once a month, during which one person facilitates the meeting and discussion on the book.

ECC Movie Club

Periodically movies highlighting the environment, social justice, and societal peace/ harmony are screened at the ECC. All members of the ECC neighbourhood are invited to attend this event. Showcasing these rich and diverse films helps create a time of communal bonding and shared, new experiences for all friends of the ECC.

Thu, Sep 10
Ecumenical Christian Centre, ECC Road, Nallurhalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Wider Contextualized Biblical Hermeneutics
A Certificate Course Through Zoom Online Lectures

ECC is located in Whitefield, the cradle of Bangalore’s IT industry. It offers a forum for people of different faiths and no faith, to congregate and engage in dialogues on moral and ethical values and for social change and harmony.


Ecumenical Christian Centre

Post Box No. 11, Whitefield

Bengaluru - 560 066, India


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