ECC LIVFARM (ECC Livestock Farming) is an initiative of the Ecumenical Christian Centre (ECC) and is located in its campus in Whitefield, Bangalore.  ECC LIVFARM is a manifestation of ECC’s commitment towards preservation of flora and fauna. The Centre is a house of atleast 50 birds species. The Centre initiated “Harmony House” where different species of animals, such as Emu, Turkey, Rooster, Hen, Guinea Fowl, Rabbit, Duck, Geese, etc. are kept together and they live in harmony. It is a demonstration of how people from different section, race, caste, region or geography should live together in peace and harmony as one family on this planet Earth.

ECC has initiated a bigger project recently, that is “ECC LIVFARM” (Livestock Farming), a project where Cattle, Sheep and Goat are reared in the campus. This project is an aim to increase milk production in the city. The project also envision to set up Milk Processing Unit inside the campus to produce organic milk and milk products, such as cheese, ghee, yogurt, butter, paneer, and other milk product for a healthy living.

The Campus


The ECC campus in Whitefield is a 30 acre green and eco-friendly campus with training and residential facilities with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Mango, Coconut, Chikoo (sapota), Grapes, Cashewnut, Woodapple, Aloe Vera and other medicinal and aromatic plants are some identifiable ones. The pride of the campus is the flowering trees- which are flowering in different season all through out the year.


ECC is located in Whitefield, the cradle of Bangalore’s IT industry. It offers a forum for people of different faiths and no faith, to congregate and engage in dialogues on moral and ethical values and for social change and harmony.


Ecumenical Christian Centre

Post Box No. 11, Whitefield

Bengaluru - 560 066, India


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