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Theology for Our Times

Memorial Lectures


1.A Quest for the Unknown: A Biography of the late Rev. Dr. M. A. Thomas
Edited by M. Kurien, ISPCK/CSS-2002

2.Public-Private Partnership in Nation Building
Edited by P.Jegadish Gandhi & M.J.Joseph
Deep and Deep Publications, N.Delhi, 2004

3.Upon the Wings of Wider Ecumenism
(Essays and Tributes in Honour of Rev.Dr.M.J.Joseph)
Edited by P.Jegadish Gandhi & Dr.K.C.John, ISPCK & ECC-2006

4.Debt Management in Globalised Asia: Challenges and Options
Edited by P.Jegadish Gandhi & M.J.Joseph
Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi,2006

5.Theologizing Tribal Heritage: A Critical Re-look
Edited by Hrangthan Chhungi
Published by CWM/ISET-ECC/PCI/ISPCK, New Delhi,2008

6. One Family Under Heaven
By Joseph Daniel, ISPCK, 2008

7. God of Life: Lead us to Justice and Peace
Editor:  Cherian Thomas, Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore,2012

8. M.A. Thomas: The Quest and Legacy
A Birth Centenary Volume
Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore  2013

9. Light to the Nations (Vol.1)
ECC @ 50 – Creating Borderless Ecumenism since 1963
Edited by P.Jegadish Gandhi, Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore 2013

10. Light to the Nations (Vol.II)
Theology and Vision of ECC
Edited by K.C.Abraham, Ecumenical Christian Centre, 2013

11. Even Now and Not Yet
Kingdom Tensions And Contemporary Concerns
Essays in Honour of Dr.Cherian Thomas
Edited by J.R.Paul Singh, Ecumenical Christian Centre, 2013

12. Realised Catholocity
The Taize Theologian Max Thurian’s Understanding of ways Towards the Unity of the Church
By Jakob Tronet, Ecumenical Christian Centre, 2018